Moon Rocks




$20 per Gram

Moon rocks are nugs of cannabis flower dipped in extracts and rolled in kief. They’re typically high in THC — averaging more than 50% — and valued foremost for their potency.

Moon rocks look like something from a lunar landscape, but they’re more likely named for the out-of-this-world high you get from smoking them. They are, after all, weed dipped in concentrates and rolled in even more concentrates.

Tips for smoking moon rocks
A few simple tips can make smoking moon rocks a more seamless experience.

Use scissors. Use scissors to break the moon rocks into small pieces instead of a grinder to avoid gumming up your grinder and losing most of the moon rocks’ kief coating.
Use glass smoking gear. Smoke moon rocks out of a glass pipe, bong, or bubbler instead of rolling papers since they’re too sticky to roll into a joint. Avoid using glass joints or blunts, as the moon rocks may get stuck, not burn evenly, and be difficult to keep lit.
Use a hemp wick. The dense texture of moon rocks makes it necessary to hold a flame to your bowl for longer than you would with regular flower. Using hemp wick will spare you from inhaling the butane from a lighter.
Avoid sharing moon rocks with new consumers. Moon rocks are highly potent and best shared with people with high tolerances.
Store moon rocks in a cool, dark place. When moon rocks get too hot, they can become melty, gummy, and sticky, so keep them somewhere with a consistently cool temperature.


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