Drizzle Factory Gem Pods

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Save $5 each when you buy 3 or more vape pens (any brand) 1.1g per pen

Disposable & Rechargeable
Made from Lab Tested Delta 9 Distillate
THC 97-98%

1.1g per pod

Feel free to text in for a flavour list.

Quick Start

To start using your Gem Pod, press the button 5 times fast (within ~2 sec.) to unlock it. The LED will flash if successful. Before putting your Gem Pod in a pocket or bag, put it back in the locked state with the same procedure.
If Gem Pod arrives with 0% battery, charge for 1.5 hours before use.

Tight or No Airflow

If there is very little or no airflow when you try to inhale, it may be a clog. This is normal, as distillate is very viscous at ambient temperature. Simply hold the button for about 2 seconds to pre-heat the coil, then inhale to release the clog (you can release the button after pre-heating).

Dual Mode Operation

Regular Strength

For an average pull, just inhale to activate the air switch, like our Original Pens. No need to press the button.

For a Stronger Hit

For a more intense pull, hold the button while inhaling. You can also use the button as a “pre-heat” function to get a more concentrated hit.

3 reviews for Drizzle Factory Gem Pods

  1. Brandon Sparklingeyes

    hits smooth

  2. Terry (verified owner)

    The best vape I have ever used. Super easy to pull on, never had a clog in 40+ units and they have the best taste of almost any I have tried. You can press the button for more boost but I never use that as just a normal pull is more than enough. Simply the best I have ever tried.

  3. MsDank (verified owner)

    These pens are fantastic! I take one wherever I go. I’m not a fan of distillate as the buzz doesn’t last long (for me personally) but they do work! I can easily go through a pen, a day without coughing up a lung. Great flavors too!

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