Cherry & Honey Oil

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Cherry or Honey Oil in either 1g or 5g Syringe or vial

Cherry & Honey oil is a potent concentrate formulated from the drawn-out cannabinoids of the plant through an extraction method, achieved through skillful purging of the solvent used and cannabis solution. Cherry & Honey oil works best when dabbed, taken orally or placed in a joint.




1 review for Cherry & Honey Oil

  1. MsDank (verified owner)

    Havn’t tried the cherry oil. I’ve had Honey oil & Distillate. Made edibles (gummies) about 30. Used 2g honey oil & 1G Distillate. High dose. Literally! 3 gummies and I’m gooood 😁 im NOT a fan of edibles as they are unpredictable. If you’re thinking about making you’re own – do it! It’s fun … results are great! My next batch is 5G distillate and I’m making it right away. If SassyAngel reads this – she had my gummies lol 😆 she will tell you 🤣🤘 Good times 💞

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